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One of the very best things about owning a home is having your own space to kick back and relax, entertain, and create exciting memories that will last a lifetime. Along with the keys to your home, comes the opportunity for greater privacy, stability, and the potential for long-term wealth for your family. Naturally, you will want to care for and protect your property as much as possible; because of that fact, many Charlotte-area homeowners often choose to take an extra precaution by installing a home security system from a local provider.

 Ideally, the first thing to think about when choosing a home security system is to picture your home itself. You want to consider where you live, the size of your home, as well as your community’s HOA

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For many Americans, buying a home is a rite of passage. It is a symbol of independence and financial stability. In fact, according to the Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finances, 65.2% of families owned their primary residence in 2013.

Now, if you are thinking of buying a home there are important decisions that you have to make. Among these is whether you want to buy a move-in ready home or a fixer-upper.

Simply put, a move-in ready home is complete when you move in. A fixer-upper, on the other hand, is a property that will require repair (redesign, reconstruction, or redecoration), explains Derek Dawson of Dawson Property Management. Each option has its pros and cons.

Pros of Buying a Move-In Ready Home


1.   Newer homes tend to

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By:  Frank Bishop

3518 Card St, Charlotte NC 28205

      As a REALTOR® I get to explore every area of Charlotte in a much different way than many others.  I see different homes all around the Queen City on a daily basis, but I am always exploring the home’s surrounding areas as well.  I am habitually early for everything, so to kill time before a meeting I see and visit a lot of the small restaurants, strip malls, and neighborhoods people wouldn’t necessarily visit unless they lived in that area.

     There are so many cool areas in Charlotte, but no matter where I explore, or how spectacular the house is, nothing trumps the positives of living in NoDa for me.  Finding that area to live that fits your life is so much more important than if

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By Roselyn Jenkins



In 2021, the oldest millennials turn 40. As this generation settles down, its members bring their tastes and preferences along with them, right into the real estate market. Millennials know what they want, and they want to see that translated into their homes. Here are five upgrades millennial homebuyers love.

1. High Tech Touches

These digital natives are all about a high-tech home. Millennial homebuyers like upgrades like keyless locks, smart thermostats, and doorbell security cameras. High-tech upgrades win homebuyers of all ages. But millennials are early adopters of technology, and so any new cutting edge upgrade is sure to get a second look from this generation. 

2. Earth Friendly


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Moving to a new office, home or even just a few blocks away can be very exciting and stressful.  Usually you need to coordinate everything, transfer all your utilities and find a trustworthy mover.  There are many moving companies out there, but a mover wants to find a legitimate moving company to responsibly move your personal and important belongings.

Finding a reputable mover can take out the stress of moving and make the experience seamless and easy.  While the majority of the movers are good companies, there are moving scams that occur frequently.

However, if you do your homework and become better informed of what to look for in a moving company, it can help you find the right company (and avoid scams).

Some tips to help: 

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    Tips for a Luscious Charlotte Lawn

    By Jacob Palmer



     Americans spend a fortune on their lawns, with spending climbing tonearly $48 billion in 2018.  But it isn’t necessary to break the bank to have a vibrant yard. By employing a few basic guidelines and principles, most homeowners can maintain an enviable lawn. This region is on your side, thanks to four relatively mild seasons and a healthy amount of rainfall. But even the best conditions won't produce a perfect outcome without some help. Here are some tips for creating a luscious Charlotte lawn.

    Know Your Type

    Successful lawn care begins with knowing what type of grass covers your lawn. There are two categories of turfgrass: cool-season and warm-season grasses. Because of North

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    7 Landscaping Trends That Increase the Value of Your Charlotte Home

    By Peter Goldberg

    Keeping up with the latest trends is an important part of selling a home in the Charlotte market. Potential homebuyers will pay more for updated properties that require little to no extra work. While adding trending interior updates to your home is essential, make sure to update exterior portions of your home as well. There's a lot of emphasis on curb appeal as it can attract buyers. Consider these seven landscaping trends that increase the value of your home.


    Keep It Low Maintenance

    Many homeowners want to spend more time enjoying the outdoors, not working outdoors. Make sure your landscaping is low maintenance by planting native shrubs and trees

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    Charlotte Agenda 

    The Redbud Group is incredibly excited to announce our new partnership with Charlotte Agenda. The Agenda exists to make Charlotte smarter and better connected, focusing on creating useful programming in a conversational tone. Charlotte Agenda is one of our favorites networks to find some of the best places to eat and exciting places to explore around the Queen City. Check out this awesome article below written by Kylie Moore and Brianna Crane:


    Top 6 Places To Hike Near Charlotte, Plus a Guide to Their Best Trails.

    Sometimes you need to get out of a concrete jungle and back into nature. Here are six places to do it within two hours of Charlotte. 


    Crowders Mountain State Park

    While most of us have seen

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