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A large purchase can seem quite daunting, especially if your credit score isn’t the best. The good news is, having a lower credit score doesn’t completely eliminate your chances of qualifying for a loan. There are plenty of options for homebuyers with low scores, high scores and all scores in between.

Set yourself up for loan success by getting your personal finances and credit score in check

When preparing to invest in a home, one thing you can do to set yourself up for success is to get your personal finances in check early on. Here’s what we recommend:

Eliminate Debt

This isn’t always easy. In fact, about 80% of Americans have some form of debt. While it may not be possible to get rid of all of your debt, minimizing it even slightly

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What Qualities Make a Good Neighbor?

Every neighborhood has a personality–some are full of socializing and parties, while some are quiet and secluded. The same things goes for neighbors too! Everyone knows those neighbors who want to know everyone else’s business. Or the family with all the crazy kids. And don’t forget about the neighbors who are so private you can hardly believe they’re there at all. Neighbors come in all different shapes and sizes and that’s what makes them so great!

But what makes a good neighbor? They say the type of company you keep can have a huge impact on your way of life. This holds true for the type of neighbors you have too. A happy neighbor equals a happy life (or something like that). In order to have good

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A Guide For Young Buyers To Understand The 2008 Mortgage Crisis

The average age of today’s first-time home buyer is 32 years old.

This means that ten years ago when the U.S economy entered into what would become the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression of 1929–today’s first-time home buyer would have been in their late teens to their early twenties.

While no American can deny having seen the effects of the recession in the late 2000’s, those Americans that are now buying their first home likely don’t know or understand what caused the mortgage crisis and intern the crash of the economy.

While we want to avoid sounding like your economics professor here, we do feel it’s important that all of you young buyers out there

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Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Community For You and Your Family 

Close your eyes and think of your perfect home…do you have it?

Now tell us. What makes it “perfect”?

An open floor plan? A farmer’s porch? His and her sinks in the master bathroom? (Oh come on now, be honest–we know that one’s a non-negotiable…)

While there are always structural elements that come to mind when you’re asked to picture your “perfect home” you should also consider the “perfect location”.  What kinds of elements does your “perfect home’s” community have?

Now you should be thinking along the lines of top rated schools, YMCA’s, and short commutes….

Now that you’re all warmed up and thinking about your preferences, here are a few things to think

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Helping You Negotiate a Fair Deal On Your Next Real Estate Purchase

Depending on what the housing market looks like, there are times when a buyer has more power than a seller and vice versa–by “power” we mean power to negotiate.

(Bare with us while we get a little technical here.)

If the amount of homes for sale in a particular market is greater than the number of buyers in that market–then generally the buyer has more power to negotiate.

If there are more buyers looking to buy in a market with fewer homes for sale–the buyer doesn’t have much power when it comes to negotiating.  

Real estate negotiation is like a game–know the game (or have a Realtor®️ who knows the game) and you’ll have a better chance of winning! Follow these tips for

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Do not fall into these common pricing mistakes with your property

Selling your house can stir up mixed emotions. You’re excited to move to a new place, but a little sad to leave the old one behind. You’re also challenged with getting the house ready to sell, which brings up a whole new set of tasks you’re probably not very familiar with. One of the trickiest: pricing your real estate.

Pricing is very easy to get wrong if you rush it, or if you don’t do your research. Over-pricing can make it difficult to find buyers, while under-pricing won’t get you a fair amount of money from the listing. It’s important to know the appropriate pricing for your home to avoid these outcomes.

In an effort to help you sell your house at just the right price,

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Is it better to buy an old home or a new home?

new homes in neighborhood

This is an important question you’ll have to face when shopping for a home. The answer for each home buyer is different–there is no one size fits all answer. There are, however, pros and cons to each purchase, which we’ll take the time to discuss.

Here’s what to keep in mind when deciding if an old or new home is right for you.

Buying a New Home

Benefits of Buying a New Home


If you’re going all-in and building a custom-built home, you’ll be able to work with your builder to create a floor plan fit for your lifestyle. Even when NOT a custom-built, most major builders still allow for some changes or customization, depending on when you start the process. However, even if you

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Tips To Help You Save For Your Down Payment

saving money for a home

No surprise here, but houses cost money. One of the big costs that comes with buying a new house is the down payment. 

A down payment is the money you give to the home’s seller (the rest of the payment comes from your mortgage), and is expressed as a percentage. Most mortgage lenders require a down payment of at least three percent, while a down payment of at least 20 percent typically lets you avoid having to obtain mortgage insurance.

Although you’re only paying for a portion of the house, a down payment is a big chunk of money to put forward. You’ll want to save everything you can to help pay for it. For some people, saving for a down payment can prove to bit a bit challenging. When in reality it

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Meet Charlotte’s Shopping Suburb, SouthPark.

SouthPark tulips

Located about six miles south of Uptown Charlotte lies the large residential and commercial area of SouthPark. The highly sought-after neighborhood is centered around the popular SouthPark Mall, from which it shares its name. SouthPark’s vibrant upscale shopping, dining, and entertainment scene paired with a mix of old and new homes on large properties make the area attractive for young and old residents alike.

The area, now known for one of the largest shopping malls in the state, was once part of a 3,000-acre dairy farm owned by former North Carolina Governor Cameron Morrison. The property contained the family’s impressive home, Morrocroft Manor, a 14,000 square foot Tudor Revival built in the

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Helping you host the perfect housewarming party!

friends and family passing food over table at housewarming party

What better way to celebrate officially moving into a new home than with a housewarming party?

Oh come on, we know you can’t wait to show off your place! So what are you waiting for? Get some boxes unpacked, order that new piece of furniture you’ve been wanting, add a little decor and let’s get the party started!

Below we’ve created a checklist of everything you’ll have to do to prepare for your housewarming party.

1. First, let’s plan!

  • Pick a date and time for your party. You’ll want to give yourself enough time to unpack most of your boxes but don’t feel like everything has to be put away or decorated just yet.

  • Make a guest list include family, friends, and new

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