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What you can expect to happen during the closing process.

You searched and searched and finally, you found the perfect home. You make an offer and cross your fingers. Not long after, the seller accepts your offer and it’s official–not quite!

Worried? Don’t be. Allow us to explain.

What is the closing process?

The “closing process” begins when the home’s seller accepts your offer to purchase. The period between then and the actual closing date typically lasts between 30 to 60 days, during which the sale/ purchase of your home is “pending”.

You can think of closing day as the finish line. It’s the day you sign all the closing documents and forms. It’s the day you finalize all the loan paperwork and sign the new deed. It’s the day the home

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As a homeowner, you’re constantly thinking about what your home is worth–what you could get for your home if you sold it under current market conditions.

Hey, we get it! Your home was likely one of the biggest investments you’ve ever made (and will ever make) in your lifetime.

So, when you’re considering whether an expensive renovation or time-consuming project is worth it, it’s important to look at what it will do for your home’s resale value.

attic renovation

What do we mean? Think about it from a buyer’s perspective.

Some rooms are going to be better options for remodeling than others–like kitchens for example! Most buyers are suckers for a newly remodeled kitchen. While landscaping improvements and fixture upgrades are also what buyers look for.

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The home search and buying process can be both exciting and a little nerve-racking. A step in the wrong direction or a simple mistake could cost you the house of your dreams–that’s a lot of pressure.

Don’t stress! We’ve put together a list of things you should avoid doing when hunting for and buying a new home. Some commonly made mistakes have cost people big time.

Avoid these common mistakes people make while searching for and buying a home.

1. DON’T mess with your credit.

Before you dive right into the house buying process, it’s important to take a step back and check your credit report.

The cleaner the report and the higher the score, the more likely you are to be preapproved for a mortgage at a low-interest rate.

A few months

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Meet Charlotte’s First Streetcar Suburb: Dilworth

Dilworth charlotte park

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Uptown is the Charlotte neighborhood of Dilworth, a charming, white picket fenced and bungalow adorned suburb that has regrown immensely in the past decade. Now known for its trendy boutiques and restaurants which line East Boulevard, the neighborhood is one of the city’s oldest and most historic neighborhoods.

Purchased in the 1890s by entrepreneur Edward Dilworth Latta, the hundreds of acres of property was named honoring Latta’s grandmother. The land was transformed when Latta bought a streetcar line, converted it to electric power and began selling plots of land at the end of the car’s route, extending into what has now become Uptown.


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Guide to Packing an “Open-First Box” for the First Night in your New Home

It’s your first night in your new home. You’ve worked so hard to sell, buy, pack, and move that although you’re excited to finally be in the new home, you’re also extremely exhausted and ready for a good night’s res—oh no, which box are the bed sheets in again?

Avoid the first night stress with an “Open-First Box”. Pack and very clearly label a box with first night essentials. You can get to your new home and relax knowing that everything you’ll need for the next day or two until you get settled is all in one place.

For You:

Below are a few personal items you’ll definitely want to have available to you on your first night. There will be no worse feeling than going to

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Charlotte Facts The Average Local Couldn't Even Tell You


Charlotte has culture, food, entertainment, adventure, and some of the friendliest people in the country. There are many cool things about Charlotte, some of which, the city’s residents don’t even know about.

We’re letting you in on some little-known facts about the great city of Charlotte. Check em’ out!

1. “Uptown” really is up.

Charlotte residents have referred to the downtown area as “Uptown” for years before it was officially designated, the historic sector of “Uptown Charlotte” in 1974. Not many locals know that “uptown” actually does sit at a higher elevation than the rest of the city.

2. The Charlotte Metropolitan area is the largest in the U.S without a zoo!


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A Checklist of Must-Dos For The Final Six Weeks Leading Up To Your Move

If you’ve ever moved, you know exactly how much there is to get done from the day you put up the “SOLD” sign, until the day your movers drive away will everything you own. If you haven’t ever moved, consider yourself warned.

We’ve laid out everything you need to do and a timeline to help you get it all done.

Moving can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.  

Redbud Group man with checklist preparing to move

Six Weeks Before Move-out

  • Schedule in-home estimates with moving companies.

  • Create a realistic budget for moving expenses.

  • Find the new school for your children.

  • Begin decluttering. Set aside items to be sold, trashed or donated.

  • Have a garage sale!

  • Collect

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You’ve been searching and searching for the perfect home and at last, you’ve found the one. Before you get too excited, it’s time to bring in a home inspector.

Any current homeowner will tell you, an inspection is a necessity whether the house is a fixer-upper or in tip-top condition. In North and South Carolina, all homes are sold “as-is” and do not have to pass an inspection. However, most of the time Sellers will work with buyers to come to an agreement about repairs or a repair credit. A Home Inspection Report is for the Buyer’s Benefit and Education on their new purchase.

Typically a buyer will hire an inspector right after the seller accepts their offer (and before the appraisal). You’ll want to get your Realtor to schedule the inspection

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A Spotlight on one of Charlotte’s Most Popular Neighborhoods–Plaza Midwood.

As determined by the city’s planning division, Charlotte has a total of 199 neighborhoods.

Every Charlotte neighborhood tells a unique story, whether it’s through the history, people, shops, food, or architecture. This is especially true for Plaza Midwood, one of Charlotte's most popular neighborhoods.

Plaza Midwood’s Location

Located only about a mile northeast of bustling “Uptown”, the Plaza Midwood neighborhood attracts a diverse bunch; from young professionals to couples and families, all of whom find the location to be ideal.

The neighborhood’s borders span roughly from Hawthorne Lane on the west to Briar Creek and the Charlotte Country Club on the East and

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Use These Eight Questions To Effectively Declutter Your Home Pre-sale

When preparing to sell your home there are certain factors that are out of your control including market conditions, location, and price bracket. Something you can control? The look and feel of your home both on the inside and out.

It might seem useless to put time, energy, and money into a home you’re getting ready to leave, but it can really help increase the value of your home.

One of the biggest reasons people decide to look for a new house is for more space… In order to show them just how much space your home has to offer, you must declutter.

Decluttering your home pre-listing is a must. Not only will you give potential buyers a good idea of how much space they’ll

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