Charlotte Neighborhood Spotlight: NoDa

Posted by Trent Corbin on Wednesday, October 31st, 2018 at 1:44pm.

Exploring Charlotte’s Art District, NoDa

NoDa, short for North Davidson, is Charlotte’s beloved Arts District. Voted the #1 neighborhood in Charlotte in 2017, NoDa surrounds the intersection of North Davidson Street and 36th Street.

In what used to be a booming textile village just a mile north of center city Charlotte, now stands NoDa. This melting pot of a community serves as a hotspot for families, musicians, artists, young business professionals and everyone in between.

NoDa’s unique location has become more and more sought after by people looking to reside in the outskirts of Charlotte. NoDa is one of the most highly praised communities in the Charlotte area.

The history of Noda

NoDa–previously known as North Charlotte–was once a thriving textile community conceived by a group of wealthy textile leaders in the early 1900s. Highland Manufacturing Co. Mill (now the Highland Mills Lofts) was the first textile mill to open its doors in 1903. Then came Mecklenburg Mill, Johnston Mill, South Atlantic Cotton Waste Co., and soon enough Charlotte had the largest concentration of textile mills in the country, all thanks to NoDa.

When the Great Depression hit in the late 1920s, the textile industry began to suffer. While NoDa didn’t completely die off at the brink of the depression, it slowly started to dwindle. Less and less shops opened up and by the 1960s, Charlotte began its downfall as the reigning textile King. The last textile mill closed its doors in 1975. Businesses fell short, stores closed, people moved away and houses and buildings were neglected.

But, in 1986 two artists–Paul Sires and Ruth Ava Lyons–saw potential in the architecture and feel of the town and it soon blossomed again as an arts and entertainment district. This marked the birth (or rebirth) of “NoDa”. The name “NoDa”–inspired by New York City’s ‘SoHo’–comes from the street name ‘North Davidson’ of which the neighborhood surrounds.

NoDa’s history is well known as being a melting pot for all types of people with all types of aspirations. Today, the NoDa community holds strong to its origins. Not only does the community still maintain its artsy vibe, but it’s also home to some of the most friendly, inclusive, and straight-up cool people in Charlotte.

What to do in NoDa

The culture in NoDa is unlike any other neighborhood in Charlotte. This spunky town is best known for its vast amounts of graffiti art, amazing food, and uniquely tight-knit community.

NoDa has something for everyone! While in NoDa, be sure to stop in at these awesome spots.

Smelly Cat Coffee House & Roastery

There’s never been a better way to start the day! Locals love this eclectic little coffee shop with amazing cold brew coffee, outdoor seating, and friendly environment. Stop in at night for their specialty cocktails too!

The Dog Bar

Beer and dogs–what could be better?! The Dog Bar is–you guessed it–a dog-friendly bar that lets you grab a drink and relax while your dog plays around in this safe, fenced environment.

Amelie’s Bakery

This French bakery and cafe is home to the most authentic French-inspired treats you’ll find (outside of Paris of course). Amelie’s is open 24 hours to cater to all of your sweet tooth needs around the clock!

Cabo Fish Taco

This Baja sea grill offers a fusion of fresh seafood and original Baja Mexican cuisine. Fun fact: Just a few years ago, Guy Fieri traveled to NoDa and ate at Cabo Fish Taco for his show Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. He suggests trying the Mango BBQ Mahi Mahi Tacos!

Some other dining places to check out are Haberdish, NoDa Bodega, Sabor Latin Street Grill, Crepe Cellar, JackBeagles, Boudreaux’s, Brook’s Sandwich House and so much more!

In addition to the sweet and savory delicacies of the neighborhood, NoDa is also known for its brevity of arts and entertainment, such as the art graffiti on Matheson Bridge, Neighborhood Theater, NoDa Company store and more.

And for the beer lovers of the world, NoDa does not disappoint. Breweries in and around the neighborhood include Birdsong Brewing, NoDa Brewing Company, Free Range Brewing, Heist Brewing and more.

For the social media gurus – NoDa is famous for its amazing instagram-worthy murals!

NoDa Real Estate

NoDa has become one of the most highly developed neighborhoods in Charlotte, and it just keeps on growing. Like it’s businesses, NoDa’s residential buildings offer a wide variety of styles. The revitalization of NoDa at the turn of the century translates into the homes of the neighborhood. NoDa offers both the modern-contemporary real estate as well as traditional, cozy ranch-style revamps.

The NoDa neighborhood includes single-family homes, new constructions, spacious townhomes, low-rise condos and everything in between.

There’s nothing that tops living in a neighborhood like this. Browse available listings in NoDa to see all of the options NoDa has to offer.

If you’re curious about other neighborhoods in Charlotte, feel free to browse Charlotte real estate for all the different communities in and around Charlotte.

Also, click below to check out our NoDaNeighborhood Video below!


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