Charlotte Neighborhood Spotlight: Plaza Midwood

Posted by Trent Corbin on Friday, June 29th, 2018 at 2:13pm.

A Spotlight on one of Charlotte’s Most Popular Neighborhoods–Plaza Midwood.

As determined by the city’s planning division, Charlotte has a total of 199 neighborhoods.

Every Charlotte neighborhood tells a unique story, whether it’s through the history, people, shops, food, or architecture. This is especially true for Plaza Midwood, one of Charlotte's most popular neighborhoods.

Plaza Midwood’s Location

Located only about a mile northeast of bustling “Uptown”, the Plaza Midwood neighborhood attracts a diverse bunch; from young professionals to couples and families, all of whom find the location to be ideal.

The neighborhood’s borders span roughly from Hawthorne Lane on the west to Briar Creek and the Charlotte Country Club on the East and then from Central Avenue on the south border to Mecklenburg Avenue on the northern border.

The true “hub” of Plaza Midwood, where you can find most of the “goings-on”, is between Central Avenue and the Commonwealth area.

Plaza Midwood’s “Historic District” was designated in 1992 as the rectangular area between The Plaza, Central Avenue, Pecan Avenue, and Mimosa Avenue. The district accounts for about 15% of the neighborhood’s total area and is regulated by the Historic District Commision.

Plaza Midwood is named after two of the neighborhood’s most well-known features: “The Plaza” which is the main boulevard bisecting the neighborhood from north to south and “Midwood”, a large residential subdivision in the middle of the community.

The History of Plaza Midwood

Plaza Midwood was originally established in the early 1900’s as a “streetcar suburb”. The community and its streets were designed around a trolley line that ran to and from Uptown.

The neighborhood felt the effects of the Great Depression in the mid-1900s but would make its recovery in 1975 with the establishment of the Plaza Midwood Neighborhood Association, a group that still exists today to protect and preserve the history of the community.

Over the last few decades the Plaza Midwood neighborhood has made a dramatic transformation into the popular, vibrant and eclectic area we know it to be today.

Though the community has seen its fair share of restorations, renovations, and commercialization, traces of the neighborhood’s long history can still be seen today.

Plaza Midwood’s history is interesting but quite extensive. If you’d like to read more about the Plaza Midwood timeline, click here.

Life in Plaza Midwood

Whether you prefer to spend your time exploring, shopping, eating, drinking, or being entertained Plaza Midwood has it all!

  • Explore the historic district of the Plaza Midwood neighborhood.

  • Shop funky clothing boutiques and antique furniture shops.

  • Eat at some of the best restaurants in Charlotte. (Locally owned and sourced!)

  • Drink…really anywhere! The nightlife scene will not disappoint.

  • Check out one of the many art galleries featuring the work of Midwood artists big and small!

The Plaza Midwood lifestyle is nothing short of exciting both for community members and residents of other Charlotte neighborhoods.  

Plaza Midwood Real Estate

The residential streets of Plaza Midwood offer a variety of architectural home styles from craftsman-style bungalows and historic cottages refurbished to their original 1920’s charm to newly constructed homes and apartment complexes.  

There is currently a high demand for real estate in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood (and demand will continue to increase as both Charlotte and the neighborhood itself become more popular.)

People are drawn to everything that is Plaza Midwood.

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