Prepare to Move: Must-Dos During The Final Six Weeks

Posted by Trent Corbin on Tuesday, July 10th, 2018 at 5:09pm.

A Checklist of Must-Dos For The Final Six Weeks Leading Up To Your Move

If you’ve ever moved, you know exactly how much there is to get done from the day you put up the “SOLD” sign, until the day your movers drive away will everything you own. If you haven’t ever moved, consider yourself warned.

We’ve laid out everything you need to do and a timeline to help you get it all done.

Moving can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.  

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Six Weeks Before Move-out

  • Schedule in-home estimates with moving companies.

  • Create a realistic budget for moving expenses.

  • Find the new school for your children.

  • Begin decluttering. Set aside items to be sold, trashed or donated.

  • Have a garage sale!

  • Collect free boxes (grocery and liquor stores are good places to look).

Five Weeks Before Move-out

  • Confirm that the moving company you’ve hired is insured, and has positive reviews.

  • Obtain your children’s transcripts and notify their school of your move.

  • Make time for friends and relatives before moving day.

  • Buy moving supplies like boxes, tape, and permanent markers. (buy extra and keep them in a separate box)

  • Create an inventory sheet of all your valuables. (Tip! Take photos of the condition your valuables are in and electronics while they’re on.)  

  • Address minor home repairs.

  • Research packing hacks.

  • Pack a little every day beginning with things you don’t use regularly.

Four Weeks Until Move

  • Consider purchase moving insurance to cover all your belongings during the move.

  • Confirm parking options for your moving truck (whether that involves obtaining a permit from your city/town or making your neighbors aware)

  • Gather all financial, legal, and important documents (birth certificates, passports and medical records) in one place.

  • Request time off work for closing and moving day.

  • Research doctors, dentists, and vets in your new location.

  • Arrange utility services be turned off at your old house and on at your new house on your move date.

  • Shop around for cable, internet, and phone bundles.

  • Label boxes that are fragile and their designated room in your new house.

Three Weeks Until Move

  • Make a plan for moving fragile or unique items like pianos, pets, plants, guns, and fine art (or other challenging items to move).

  • Transfer your homeowner’s insurance to cover your new home.

  • Recycle or dispose of hazardous, poisonous or flammable items like gasoline, bleach, and aerosol cans.

  • If you’re moving cross country, make sure your car is serviced and clean or arrange for its shipment if that’s the route you’ve decided to take.

  • File a Change of Address form with the post office and arrange to have your mail forwarded to the new address.

  • Change your address with:

    • Government offices

    • Employer

    • Creditors

    • DMV

    • Auto insurance

    • Car registration

    • Monthly subscriptions

    • Financial institutions

    • Drivers license

    • Voter registration

Two Weeks Until Move

  • Fill all of your prescriptions and transfer them to a new pharmacy.

  • Arrange for any servicing that needs to be done at your new home so it’s done before you move in, or not too long after.

  • Discontinue newspaper delivery, trash pick-up, lawn service, deliveries, etc.

  • Make arrangements for children and pets to be elsewhere on move-out day.

  • If you would like to, put together a list of local service technicians and preferred providers, as well as a note or small gift for the new residents.

  • Continue packing….

One Week Until Move

  • Plan out your final week of meals using up whatever you have left.

  • Donate unopened food.

  • Pack your “Open-First Box”.

  • Set aside valuable and personal items that will travel with you.

  • Drain fuel from gas-powered equipment like grills, heaters, lawn mowers, and snow blowers.

  • Fill nail holes. (Try using a bar of soap!)

Day Before Move

  • Unplug your fridge and freezer to defrost the night before.

  • Withdraw cash to tip your movers.

  • Clean the home for the next residents.

  • Order a pizza.

  • Get a good night’s rest!

Day of Move

  • Set an alarm to wake up early.

  • Pack up any last minute things (bed sheets, toiletries, cleaning supplies)

  • Take photos of your empty place to prove it’s in move-out condition.

  • Protect your floors and carpets during the move.

  • Conduct a final walk-through to make sure nothing is hiding on shelves or in closets.

  • Thank your real estate agent or broker.

  • Leave your movers a review (and a tip for all their hard work)!

Do you see now how much is involved in the moving-out process? It takes a lot of planning, organization, and hard work but hopefully when you move into your beautiful new home, it was all worth it.

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