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By:  Frank Bishop

3518 Card St, Charlotte NC 28205

      As a REALTOR® I get to explore every area of Charlotte in a much different way than many others.  I see different homes all around the Queen City on a daily basis, but I am always exploring the home’s surrounding areas as well.  I am habitually early for everything, so to kill time before a meeting I see and visit a lot of the small restaurants, strip malls, and neighborhoods people wouldn’t necessarily visit unless they lived in that area.

     There are so many cool areas in Charlotte, but no matter where I explore, or how spectacular the house is, nothing trumps the positives of living in NoDa for me.  Finding that area to live that fits your life is so much more important than if

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By Roselyn Jenkins



In 2021, the oldest millennials turn 40. As this generation settles down, its members bring their tastes and preferences along with them, right into the real estate market. Millennials know what they want, and they want to see that translated into their homes. Here are five upgrades millennial homebuyers love.

1. High Tech Touches

These digital natives are all about a high-tech home. Millennial homebuyers like upgrades like keyless locks, smart thermostats, and doorbell security cameras. High-tech upgrades win homebuyers of all ages. But millennials are early adopters of technology, and so any new cutting edge upgrade is sure to get a second look from this generation. 

2. Earth Friendly


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Tips To Help You Save For Your Down Payment

saving money for a home

No surprise here, but houses cost money. One of the big costs that comes with buying a new house is the down payment. 

A down payment is the money you give to the home’s seller (the rest of the payment comes from your mortgage), and is expressed as a percentage. Most mortgage lenders require a down payment of at least three percent, while a down payment of at least 20 percent typically lets you avoid having to obtain mortgage insurance.

Although you’re only paying for a portion of the house, a down payment is a big chunk of money to put forward. You’ll want to save everything you can to help pay for it. For some people, saving for a down payment can prove to bit a bit challenging. When in reality it

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Helping you host the perfect housewarming party!

friends and family passing food over table at housewarming party

What better way to celebrate officially moving into a new home than with a housewarming party?

Oh come on, we know you can’t wait to show off your place! So what are you waiting for? Get some boxes unpacked, order that new piece of furniture you’ve been wanting, add a little decor and let’s get the party started!

Below we’ve created a checklist of everything you’ll have to do to prepare for your housewarming party.

1. First, let’s plan!

  • Pick a date and time for your party. You’ll want to give yourself enough time to unpack most of your boxes but don’t feel like everything has to be put away or decorated just yet.

  • Make a guest list include family, friends, and new

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