The Benefits of Buying Real Estate in Charlotte

Posted by Trent Corbin on Thursday, May 31st, 2018 at 10:40am.

Why you should buy in Charlotte NOW!

Redbud Group City of Charlotte skyline

An influx of employment opportunities, a reasonably affordable housing market, and an overall great quality of life have all contributed to Charlotte’s overall growth and increasing popularity.

If you’re a Charlotte resident, it’s likely that you’ve noticed the dozens of new restaurants, shopping centers, apartment complexes, neighborhoods, high rises, and the newest extension of the light rail train system. All this construction is both a response to and a cause of the city’s growth.

Not here yet? Don’t worry! The future plans for Charlotte are substantial and will continue for years! Get ready for it!

Without further ado, here are some of the top reasons you should buy in Charlotte right now:

Your Home will Only Become More Valuable

Zillow recently named Charlotte the fourth-hottest housing market in the US! Cities were ranked based on these factors:

  • Appreciation of home prices

  • Increases in rent

  • Average income

  • The rate of population growth

  • Unemployment rates and number of job openings.

Being labeled a hot housing market will inevitably lead to higher market prices. As with most things, higher demand equals higher prices.

Although this is becoming true of the Charlotte real estate market, there is still time to get in on this investment. Charlotte’s housing market prices are expected to continue growing at a higher rate than the national average – we’re talking along the lines of 4% higher!  

Buying now will provide for a lucrative return in the future when you decide to sell.

The Job Market is Booming

As if you weren’t already convinced buying real estate in Charlotte is a worthwhile investment, Charlotte ranked 24th on’s list of cities with the highest job openings.

People seeking quality employment in industries such as Finance & Insurance, Retail Trade, Healthcare & Social Assistance, and Management (some of Charlotte’s largest and highest paying industries) will be moving to the area to take advantage these job opportunities.

This guarantees an increase in housing market demand AND more money in the pockets of the people who were smart enough to buy into the Charlotte real estate market early.

Ranking After Ranking Puts Charlotte On Top

The city is gaining national attention.

One interesting Time magazine and Yelp rank Charlotte as “The Most Up-and-Coming City in America”. Driven by success in the food industry (restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, etc.) as well as home services, Charlotte has become the highest growth area in the country.  

Thanks to numerous other high rankings on lists like “Best Places to Live”, “Affordable Cities”, and “Most Livable City”, the secret is out! Charlotte is the place to be and the place to buy!

Charlotte is thriving and the growth is projected to continue. Get in on this sure-to-pay-off investment now while you still can.

Now that you’ve learned what makes the Charlotte real estate market such a great venture, browse through our Community Guide to find a neighborhood that is a great fit for you.

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