Tips And Tricks For Safe Trick-Or-Treating This Halloween

Posted by Trent Corbin on Monday, October 29th, 2018 at 8:34am.

Halloween is unlike any other day of the year. The costumes, the pumpkin carving–even the haunted houses–we love it all! So break out your pumpkin carving kit and your favorite scary movies because Halloween is coming up fast!

While there’s a million things to love about Halloween, trick-or-treating certainly tops the cake. Below are some tips and tricks for safe trick-or treating.

Preparing Your Home for Halloween Safety

For some of us, trick-or-treating will mean staying home and passing out candy. Some things to keep in mind are:

Don’t use burning candles

What screams “Halloween” more than a jack-o-lantern? While glowing pumpkins can make your yard look especially festive, unfortunately, they can be quite the safety hazard. Instead of using actual candles to light your pumpkins this year, consider using L.E.D. lights, flameless candle tea lights, or even glow sticks!

Clear the path

Halloween is definitely much spookier in the dark, but having your home or porch too dark might make treaters think you aren’t handing out candy. To avoid any slipping or falling, make sure to also keep the path to your door well-lit and clear of any debris. Also, be sure to check for any cracks or bumps in your sidewalk that might be risky for treaters.

Try not to be too spooky

It’s true, Halloween is the scariest night of the year! And many of us love decking out our homes and lawns in the spookiest of decorations. However, most trick or treaters are young children who probably prefer the treating over the tricking. Try to keep scary decor to a minimum so you don’t scare off any treaters.

Keep pets away from the door

Though often overlooked, opening and closing your door all night can make it more likely for your furry friends to escape your home. And while your pets are harmless to you, you never know if your trick or treaters might be afraid of cats or dogs. A good solution for everyone is to keep pets in a secured room or separate part of your home.

Pass out candy at the end of your driveway

To eliminate having to prepare your home at all, handing out candy from your driveway (or at the end of it) can make preparations a lot easier. For one, you won’t have to worry about the liability of someone tripping and falling on the way to your front door. Also, you won’t have to deal with your doorbell ringing all night. It’s a win-win.

Preparing Your Treaters for Halloween Safety

Going out with your kids to trick-or-treat this year? Be sure to follow these simple rules for a safe night.

Use the buddy system

The number one rule of trick-or-treating–don’t go alone. This is a good rule for any situation but it especially applies on Halloween. If you won’t be trick-or-treating with your kids this year, make sure they’re being accompanied by a trusted adult or friend. Trick-or-treating isn’t any fun by yourself anyway!

Be street smart

This one’s easy. Make sure to cross the street at stop lights and crosswalks and always use the sidewalk. With the amount of people running around on Halloween, cars have lots of bodies to think about. Try to stay on the beaten path to avoid using any dark and spooky shortcuts!

Keep things bright

In addition to making sure your child has on a safe costume, it’s important to make sure they can see and be seen. When picking out costumes, make sure to choose the ones with the brightest colors. This way your children (and you) can be seen by cars. Another smart safety tip is to equip your kids with flashlights or glow sticks so they can see at all times.

Stay local

Stick to your immediate neighborhood when trick-or-treating this year. Odds are you’ll know (or know of) the people whose houses you’ll be knocking on. In addition, be sure that your children know never to enter any home. If candy isn’t being handed out at the front door or outside of the home, simply move onto the next house.

Check the treats

The final tip to ensure a safe Halloween is to check the treats! At the end of the night when all the trick-or-treating is over, it’s good to inspect the candy that your trick-or-treaters have brought home. Make sure that nothing is opened or unsealed and check for any candy that your child may be allergic to.

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