Top 3 Ways Soon-to-be Sellers Can Make the Most of SIP During COVID-19

Posted by Trent Corbin on Wednesday, April 8th, 2020 at 11:05pm.

If your earlier plans to take advantage of a blossoming spring market were soured on short notice, don’t count yourself out of a quick, full-price close quite yet. 

While our traditional real estate SOPs have pivoted, all hope is not lost. Hang in there, buddy.

Just last week in Mecklenburg County, there were 62 homes listed as “coming soon,” 294 brand-new listings, and another 337 homes that went under contract. 

While we’ve hit some turbulence, it seems as if we’re still moving right along - and we may even hit cruising altitude sooner than later. 

Though we’re missing the face-to-face interactions with our clients, we’ve had a lot of fun catching up with them on Social Media, Facetime, Google Duo and Zoom. A lot of you have had questions about what listing your home would look like mid-COVID-19 and if it makes sense to pull the trigger now, or wait - indefinitely - for the pandemic storm to pass. 

While there are generally two schools of thought here - 1. List now, and take advantage of our virtual adaptations (psst, it’s all covered in this post) or, 2. Wait and prepare to list in the future - the decision to press on or stand down ultimately depends on your personal circumstances, timeline and motivations.

What we’d like to take a deep dive into today, are a handful of ways to take advantage of the shelter-in-place to prepare your home to sell fast, netting the greatest possible amount, post-pandemic.  

So, grab a snack, get comfortable and keep scrolling - Here’s what you can do right now to maximize the downtime and minimize your total days on market: 

1. Soak up some sun & level up your curb appeal

Zillow said it best - first impressions matter; so much so, that most buyers will go online, scroll through photos and then decide if your house lands on the home tour shortlist. That first exterior shot should be at the top of your priority list. So, roll up your sleeves, pull out your gardening gloves and let’s give ‘em something to talk about.

Here’s a fun exercise: Close your eyes for a minute - When you think of your dream home, does it have a dingy, stained driveway? What about old plant beds with Marigolds that have seen better days and stale mulch that hasn’t been replaced in years. And the exterior paint? Drab?

...we didn’t think so.

Your dream home probably looks fresh and vibrant. It likely has been pressure washed, pruned and primed to your liking. The front door is welcoming, with a fresh coat of paint and new, shiny hardware. I bet you could even take a peek inside, through the big, crystal-clear windows - no cobwebs in sight!

Give the exterior of your home an honest look through the lens of a potential home buyer and you’ll see that there’s plenty of potential for improvement!  

2. Clutter is chaos - nix the nonsense, and start sparking some joy

Is it just me - or have you accumulated more “stuff” while sheltering in place than you have in your entire adult life?

If so, then it may be time to cancel that Prime membership. 

As far as you’re concerned, as a soon-to-be seller, the roof over your head is for pandemic-purposes only, my friend. When the SiP is lifted, you’re on to creating new, face-to-face memories. So, I’d urge you to shift your mindset from “home” to “house” and remove most, if not all, remnants of you, your family, and your trip(s) to Vegas. 

This list includes, but is not limited to:

  • Personal photos

  • Knick-knacks

  • Refrigerator art

  • General junk

...that you don’t want the world (or your nosey neighbor down the street) to see.

Clear all surfaces and remove any unnecessary things hiding in plain (or not so plain) sight. Remember that kitchens and bathrooms “sell” homes, so make sure that yours are shining bright, like a diamond. 

3. Get started on that ripe “honey-do” list

You could potentially save yourself quite a few headaches - and pennies - by knocking out some of those low cost, big impact items that you can bet will show up on an inspection report. So, quickly run through the below list to see if there are some repairs that could be made to your upcoming listing:

  • Leaky faucet

  • Loose hardware

  • Chipped tile

  • Cracks that need to be re-caulked

  • Light bulbs that need to be replaced

  • Wall/Trim paint that needs to be refreshed or touched up 

  • Landscaping 

Our advice would be to go room-by-room, with a fresh set of eyes and a pen and paper in-hand. Make a punch list of any and all needed repairs and, if the repairs are in your wheelhouse - or, could be, after watching a quick how-to on YouTube - then get to work. If not, and you need to enlist the support of a professional, get in touch with The Redbud Group; we’ve worked hard to build solid relationships with trusted vendors to make the contract to close process as seamless as possible. 

Take a deep breath

If you feel like you’re in way over your head, try not to fret. The best way to get something done is to start. While we’re hopeful, it seems that we’re several weeks, if not months, away from resuming normal day-to-day activities. Consider this downtime a major pardon for your procrastination.   

If you need additional advice, consult with your Redbud Realtor - we’ve got the experience, knowledge and most importantly (time!) to help you make the most of this disruption. 



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