Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Home Security System in Charlotte

Posted by Trent Corbin on Thursday, February 13th, 2020 at 8:16am.

One of the very best things about owning a home is having your own space to kick back and relax, entertain, and create exciting memories that will last a lifetime. Along with the keys to your home, comes the opportunity for greater privacy, stability, and the potential for long-term wealth for your family. Naturally, you will want to care for and protect your property as much as possible; because of that fact, many Charlotte-area homeowners often choose to take an extra precaution by installing a home security system from a local provider.

 Ideally, the first thing to think about when choosing a home security system is to picture your home itself. You want to consider where you live, the size of your home, as well as your community’s HOA guidelines, which will sometimes dictate what type of security system you’re able to purchase and install. Each home will have unique, individual needs.

For example, a two-story, single-family home will require a different set of equipment than a 12th-story studio apartment. Additionally, if you’re renting, keep in mind that some property owners may place restrictions on drilling into exterior walls, and you will likely have to follow your landlord’s specifications. For more control over your living space, consider the possibility of investing in a home of your own! The Redbud Group has a team of top performing agents that are happy to start that conversation with you.

Once you’ve figured out which security system is best for your living arrangements, review our Top 5 Tips to consider before purchasing your home security system.

1. Research: Before speaking to home security providers, become an informed consumer. Taking this small, simple step to educate yourself can mean the difference between overpaying for unnecessary equipment and/or monitoring and finding the right fit for your family’s needs at a reasonable price.

Take initiative and conduct the necessary due diligence by researching both DIY and professional options, and any possible ancillary products that a home security company may offer to tack on. To get you started, we’d like to recommend a helpful article that breaks down the best home security products, providers, and prices of 2020, published by 

2. Purchase the Home Security Equipment You Need.  Many companies will try to sell you on a bundle package with many additional accessories that might not make sense for your specific home or apartment unit. For instance, if you do live in that 12th-floor studio, you probably don’t need a glass break sensor on every window, after all.

3. Be prepared to confidently answer questions — and combat upselling. When you call a home security company, the representative will ask you a series of questions about your home, so they can give you an accurate quote. They may also try to convince you to purchase home security equipment or other elements (like smart devices) that your home may not require. If you’ve done your research and know what makes sense for you, it’s more likely that you won’t overpay.

4. Compare Quotes and Service Providers. Take the time to call at least three different home security providers for quotes. This is solid advice for homeowners that applies to every major decision, from home security to mortgage lenders to home insurance.

5. Keep a close eye on the fine print! This may seem like an obvious piece of advice, but you’d be surprised by the amount of unresolved complaints we find from consumers that failed to review their contract, line by line. Be sure to review key items such as any cancellation policies or penalties, contract length, moving/relocation policies, and hidden fees within the contract and/or monthly payments.


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