What I Love About Living in NoDa

Posted by Trent Corbin on Tuesday, October 15th, 2019 at 9:14am.

By:  Frank Bishop

3518 Card St, Charlotte NC 28205

      As a REALTOR® I get to explore every area of Charlotte in a much different way than many others.  I see different homes all around the Queen City on a daily basis, but I am always exploring the home’s surrounding areas as well.  I am habitually early for everything, so to kill time before a meeting I see and visit a lot of the small restaurants, strip malls, and neighborhoods people wouldn’t necessarily visit unless they lived in that area.

     There are so many cool areas in Charlotte, but no matter where I explore, or how spectacular the house is, nothing trumps the positives of living in NoDa for me.  Finding that area to live that fits your life is so much more important than if the kitchen has granite counter tops or if the home has a first-floor bedroom.  Location, location, location…

               In a city where traffic is the most complained about topic on Reddit’s /r/Charlotte, NoDa is the one area that I found it is possible to navigate around the insanity.  First, it is extremely close to entrances to both I-77 and I-85.  Residents of NoDa have multiple ways in and out of the city at all times.  There is a train is coming and North Davidson is blocked?  Caldwell it is.  Optimist Hall is having an event and Caldwell is a mess?  Time to jump on Tryon.  Another 10k race on Tryon, cut over to North Graham.  At least NoDa residents have options, which is something most others in Charlotte cannot say.

               Another thing I enjoy is the love the area has for dogs.  I can’t drive around without seeing multiple people walking their dog(s).  Sometimes I feel like I am watching the movie American Graffiti but instead of people cruising the strip in their cool cars, people cruise North Davidson Boulevard with their pups.  Being a dog owner, I am eternally thankful to have NoDa Bark and Board in the area.  My dog loves it, and one of the most convenient things is they do not require you to make an appointment for daycare.  As someone who has a very flexible and always changing schedule, that is extremely helpful.

               The food in NoDa is probably my favorite part.  The reason I visited the area before I lived here was Cabo Fish Taco.  My first visit to NoDa happened because I got tired of all my friends telling me how much I would love Cabo.  Which I did and still do.  Now NoDa has so many other great eateries too, almost all of them within a super short walking distance. Haberdish is delicious, Crepe Cellar is a remarkable gastro pub, Benny Pennello’s is one of the best pizza places in town, and I love Heist for brunch on Sundays or their beer cheese and pretzels any day.   Then, within a five-minute drive are incredible places like Le’s Sandwiches (in the strip mall just over the Sugar Creek Bridge) which is by far my favorite banh mi in town, Sweet Lew’s BBQ in the Belmont Neighborhood which is far and away my favorite brisket in the queen city, and Lang Van in the Shamrock neighborhood which is a marvelous Vietnamese restaurant.

                There are so many other positives in this neighborhood.  We have our own YMCA and it actually has ample parking.  I happen to live in a small pocket in NoDa that has fiber internet.  The mix of bars and live music venues means there is always something happening on 36th Street.  Light rail?  Yea, we got that.  Hip dessert places like Jeni’s Splendid Icecreams and PopBar?  Yea, we got that too.  Want to sing your face off at karaoke until 2 AM?  My best friend Mike and I have sung Warren G’s “Regulate” over 30 times at NoDa 101.  They haven’t said no yet. 

               I have found my home for the foreseeable future, and it all comes back to one glorious location.  NoDa.  That doesn’t make it the perfect location for everyone.  But for now, NoDa is perfect for me.

               If you need help finding your perfect location, please reach out to me and let me know how I can help you find your NoDa.


Frank Bishop is a NC & SC REALTOR® at the Redbud Group of Keller Williams Realty South Park. 


(704) 208-8722

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