Who we are, who we serve and what you can expect from The Redbud Group

Posted by Trent Corbin on Thursday, April 23rd, 2020 at 11:21am.

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TL;DR: We're a forward-thinking, fast-moving real estate start up that puts people first. We’re motivated and governed by a handful of core values that have earned us global industry recognition and thousands of pretty amazing client reviews. 

We Started with a Clear Vision to Create Great Experiences

The Redbud Group was founded in 2015 by President and CEO, Trent Corbin, with a clear focus on data and systems. Our mission was to develop a revolutionary, agent-centered team, focused on sustainable growth and industry-leading client care.

The Redbud Logo, Uncovered

Our complex logo goes well beyond basic branding. It’s introspective, modern and truly speaks to who we are - not only as an award-winning group of Realtors- but also, as compassionate, community-focused neighbors who happen to provide an essential service to Charlotte and surrounding areas.

We’ve kept the suspense looming long enough - here’s the breakdown: Our logo represents the Eastern Redbud, a resilient, flowering tree native to the Eastern United States that grows in uncommon ways in almost all conditions. It blooms in early Spring, often ahead of the other flowering tree, and attracts hummingbirds that feed on the nectar of its flowers. Hummingbirds move fast, their wings beating faster than any other bird. Hummingbirds constantly seek out new flowers for food in the same way that our founder, Trent, wanted to continually explore new opportunities for growth. 

Growth is a Process

Trent launched this company alongside a handful of newly-licensed agents who were quickly learning the ropes and beginning to build their respective real estate businesses. By the time we closed out 2019,  we had not only earned major industry recognition, but we had also successfully scaled close to 40 1099 agents and 28 full-time employees, with experienced leadership that oversees several core departments. 

Key Drivers to Success

Our culture-first business model has helped us to develop a high-producing team that embodies our fundamental core values. We’ve created a comfortable and balanced working environment that values the team above self, honesty, accountability and compassion. We believe this to be the reason why so many families have trusted us, time and again, to expertly guide them in securing the keys to their future.

We’ve built our business on the idea that the service we provide is about so much more than real estate - it’s about your life, your family and your dreams. 

As you experience growth or a change in your personal life that requires a move - whether that be a new job opportunity, a new relationship status,  a growing family, or you’ve become an empty nester - we hope that it’s The Redbud Group that you choose to to help make your next transition a great experience. 

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